Chinese Mitten Crab

key characteristics

The Chinese Mitten Crab - Note the large furry claws, round carapace, and notch between the eyes.

Similar Species

spider crab

Spider Crab – Mitten crabs are much smaller and have very thick front claw with fur and no large teeth on the front of the carapace like the Spider Crab does.

blue crab

Blue Crabs are the most common crabs on the East Coast. They have a very different look than the mitten crabs; they have a pointed carapace and lobed back feet used for swimming.

European green crab

European Green Crab – These are common on the East Coast, they look similar but their carapace is more like a triangle rather than round like the mitten crabs. Also Green crabs have no central notch and no fur on their claws.

shore crab

Shore Crabs – There are a few species of shore crabs on the East Coast. These crabs are small even as adults and have a square carapace and no fur on the claws. These crabs live under rocks along the shore.